Felony theft thresholds are the dollar amount that determine when a becomes a and vary across the United States. These thresholds have remained dangerously low for decades.

It’s unfair and it needs to change.

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What can we do about it?

We need to tell our state representatives to raise the threshold now, adjust them for the future and remove any exceptions.


Increase Thresholds Across the Country

  • Felony thresholds are too low and come with harsh penalties that far outweigh the cost of the theft.
  • Increase the felony theft thresholds in every state, as well as increase the threshold for lower-level thefts.

Adjust Thresholds Regularly

  • Felony thresholds are outdated and not adjusted for inflation.
  • Create legislation that will ensure felony thresholds will automatically increase over time alongside the price of goods and cost of living.

Remove Exceptions or “Carve-Outs”

  • There are special-interest exceptions to thresholds, which means the penalty is even more severe for certain items that are valued at less than the threshold amount.
  • Examine all exceptions and remove carve-outs that are not based on protecting the public.

How often are thresholds updated?

Unfortunately, many of these thresholds have’t been updated in decades. But your state legislators can change that today.

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Explore the timeline below to see when the threshold was last changed in your state.